Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Way Back When-esday: my sweet girl

I was doing a little closet reorganizing and came across my bin of cd's with pics...mostly of Emma's first few years of life. I just had to take a look and this week wanted to share some pictures of my sweet girl. I can hardly believe she will be 7 years old in a little over a month! My oh My!! It doesn't seem possible that seven years have flown by so quickly.

This is one of my all time favorites of my sweet sleeping baby. I used this pic in the announcements I made and sent out to our family and friends.

Here is Emma's Peter Rabbit inspired garden theme nursery. I loved the mural painted by the niece of my friend Jenn. I wish I could find pics of the whole room...loved it!
Here is one of our first family photos at home. Boy do we look tired! Welcome to new parenthood! We thought we were exhausted then but having two kids, working full time, driving here, there, and everywhere to take the kids to their many activities is so much more exhausting than those first few months. Although I am so thankful I have kids who have always been such good sleepers!

I love baby sleepers and hair bows! Please excuse my blob that is post-pregnancy and focus on the cuteness!!

Love this one of my dad, Papaw and his first granddaughter. I think they still do this! :)
It's so much fun to take a walk down memory lane!

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  1. The mural is just beautiful. Taking a walk down memory lane is always an enjoyment for me. Thanks for sharing.