Friday, September 23, 2011

Four Year Old Friday

This week Max had the back to school sickies! I was really hoping to at least make it through the month of September but I guess it wasn't meant to be! He has had a fever on and off and went to the doctor on Wednesday (thanks to my awesome sister in-law who's a huge help and took him for me) and he was diagnosed with an upper resp. infection, ear infection, and tonsillitis. Our doctor said all of these things were in the early stages and could go either way. We were given a prescription just in case. I honestly thought(was hoping) it was a 24 hour thing. But, when we woke up on Thursday he had a fever and was pretty puny. This mommy was a little frazzled(especially since Max is terrible about taking his medicine and it usually takes Damian and I both to hold him down to take the medicine-fun times I tell ya) because I had a very busy day planned and already had to take a day off this week, but I am SO fortunate that I have my family that helps me when I need help the most. When I called my mom she didn't hesitate to tell me she'd meet me at my school to pick him up and take care of him for me. Whew! And today my sister volunteered to watch him. What a relief to know that my boy was being taken care of during the day. He has been extra clingy and been needing his mommy to hold him which I don't mind one bit. I'm just hoping to keep away the sickness from myself. Lots of hand washing and cleaning going on over at the Hillen's. He has had his appetite back tonight and has been playing.(and tormenting his sister a little bit too!)

I also wanted to record this for myself:

Last week I took him for his 4 year old well child check-up and he did amazingly well. He weighed 40.5 lbs and was 42 inches tall. He's in the 75% for both height and weight. I guess they do BMI checks now and his was about 20% which is good for his age. (I still need to look into that more for the kids.) He had to get his blood pressure checked and the cuff was sooo small. He thought he was big stuff and was making the doctor laugh with all of his observations. He is a pretty funny kid even at 4 years old! Our doctor asked him to identify colors and he knew them all(he even knows turquoise thanks to big sis!), he was able to spell his first and last name. He can write it too! He was talking our doctor's ear off and showing off! He loves to "read" his books. He doesn't love to color pictures so much(my boy is SO different from my girl) but he is all about building with his legos. So I know those fine motor skills are in tip top shape. He has been bringing home his work from VPK and is doing a great job in school. His teacher tells me that he is really good at following directions and often uses him as an example for the other children. When I called her to say he would be missing school because he's sick she said that he's doing a wonderful job and won't get too far behind but she would still put a packet of work together for him to work on. I'm so proud of my big boy!

I just have to write this down too. I know this post is entirely too long and boring but if I don't write it down I'll forget it! I've pretty much forgotten what happened on Monday of this week!

While my mom was watching him yesterday she went out to the garage to help my dad with something. She said Max was playing with his legos and when she came back into the house, Max said "Gwam, what are you doing?" When she told him she was helping Papaw in the garage. He said very seriously, "Don't worry Gwam, I was in charge!" She told him that he was in charge in the house and that he was watching Lola(their dog) too!

He makes me smile and laugh out loud every single day.

Here's my sweet, smiling freckled boy with his little cousin Noah a couple of weekends ago. He loves him so much and even busts out with the silliest baby talk whenever Noah is around. Oh, the cuteness!!

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