Friday, September 23, 2011

Six Year Old Saturday

When I was going through Emma's agenda and take home folder from school the other day, I discovered a folded up piece of white paper. When I took it out and opened it, I found this:
I asked Emma what this was all about. In her sweet and innocent six year old way, she said her friend Brandon gave it to her. Oh my, her first little love note. Apparently, Brandon has been listening to a little too much Justin Bieber. Damian just about died when I told him about it! I guess Brandon is trying to earn points with Emma's mommy because it was his day on Friday to bring snacks for their class and he made sure to come by my classroom to see if I wanted an orange muffin and a juice box. It was a sweet gesture. But, oh dear, I am not ready for these growing up years!

Today is my "baby" sister's 30th Birthday!! Happy Birthday to the best sister, aunt, godmother, and friend! We love you "Aunt" Brooke! There will be many pics to come of her big birthday celebration with the entire family. Today is also my Father in-law's and nephew Aaron's 24th birthday. What a very special day!!

Also, last week I was a little MIA, but I totally missed posting pics from my awesome hubby's 34th birthday on the 14th! I might get around to doing that soon!

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  1. Oh Melissa, that is PRICELESS!!!! :)
    Baby, baby, baby....ooooooh!