Wednesday, September 21, 2011

gymnastic party fun

On Sunday, we celebrated our sweet friend Bailey's 6th birthday! Damian has been friends with her dad since they were kids and I have known them for well over 12 years! I can still remember the day she was born and can hardly believe it's been six years!

She had her party at La Fleur's Gymnastics in Tampa. The kids had a blast! They have been asking when they can go back. Max keeps saying "Bailey's party was so awesome!!" I wish the gym was closer to our house...I would love to sign them up for some classes. Although Max was a little grumpy at first(I think he was still tired from all of our partying on Saturday!) he quickly warmed up and loved the zip line, foam pit, and trampoline! Emma loved climbing up the very tall pole! (she might have scared her mommy a little there!) Of course she did tons of cartwheels,was jumping on the trampoline and loved just about everything else!

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