Monday, September 5, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday:Pioneer Days Festival

Yesterday we decided to take the kids to the Pioneer Days Festival in Dade City. We have never been to the museum before and thought it would be fun! We were was definitely a fun family day! Emma is really into the "old days" as she calls it. She is always asking us questions and loves to hear stories and see things from long ago. The museum was right up her ally. She was giddy with excitement and squealing over all the cool things. I love that she shows an interest in our history and I cannot wait to take her to more museums and other places around our country. Max also had a blast! He loved the vintage fire truck, train, and soldier memorabilia. I also loved that I told the kids there were some things that they couldn't touch in the museum and they immediately put their hands behind their backs. (you can see it in some pics) They are sooo my kids!!

My favorite was the old school house. It was so cute! (That's Emma and I sitting on the steps of the little red school house!) I can't even imagine how teachers did it so many years ago. They even had the rules for teachers from 1915. was such a different time!

Last night Max and I met up with our friends Jessi and Brody to see the lastest Spy Kids movie. It was a cute movie and Max kept saying "this is so awesome"! I love spending some one on one time with my boy!

Damian is working this morning...that golf course is NEVER closed... but we're planning on going swimming and barbequing this afternoon! Plus I should probably finish up my laundry and look over my lesson plans so I'm ready for tomorrow!

I love Labor Day...a day off from school and we're getting ready to welcome Fall--my favorite time of year!

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