Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Way Back When-esday...Baby, Baby, Baby, ohhhh!

I am having some major baby fever. It's all around me and I just.can'! I have two very good friends who are pregnant...Cathy's due in August, Jennifer in September,my cousin Katie is due with baby #2 in September too. I just love seeing their babycenter updates on Facebook, is that weird? I also have my 6 month old nephew that I just can't get enough of...I seriously could eat him up!

Not to mention the 3 preggos at work-2 on my team and one in 2nd grade. When I see their baby bellies(every day)...I remember mine so well and I miss it. I LOVED being pregnant and carrying my babies. (There were some things I could have done without..heartburn among the few.)
But there really is nothing sweeter than pregnancy. I was pretty fortunate because both my pregnancies were textbook...I even delivered both on my due dates!
These pics were taken when I was about 35 weeks pregnant with Max.(all of my Emma pics are on a cd in some box somewhere!)

The first one was on my 30th birthday. I loved this dress!(and wore it often!) This was taken at my baby't believe that side view and how long my hair was back then!

I love to look back and remember the fun times! I'm linking up with Cheryl at Twinspiration.


  1. What a pretty pregnant Mama you were! (Of course you're pretty now, too!)

    You need to link up with Way Back When-esday!
    Would love to have other readers enjoy your posts as I do! :)

    (May I link this one up for you?)

    Have a great rest of your week!

  2. Cheryl...absolutely! I will try to link it now if I can. I meant to last night and completely forgot. I'm trying to be better at blogging. I enjoy reading others so much and am trying to comment more. Thank you!! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your twins--they remind me of my brother and I! :)