Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six Year Old Sunday

I have been meaning to write a few things down about my very special six year old and figured I better get to it! First things first, her Daddy took her to get her cast off on Friday. Her arm looks terrific! I expected it to be really skinny, stinky, and dry. But it looks really good and is only peeling a little bit. The orthopedic doctor had a removable cast/brace made for her to wear the next couple of weeks when she's playing outside, riding her bike, or on the playground. She has done really well this weekend. We even went swimming today and she was ecstatic!
She had so much fun with her Daddy on Friday. They drove around the golf course, had lunch at the clubhouse, and went to the doctor. Then, Emma got a mani and pedi and they both got haircuts. I know they both enjoyed their daddy/daughter time together. She is so lucky to have such an amazing daddy. He loves her (and Max) more than anything!
My little girl is growing up...
This is right before they went in the doctor's office to get the cast off...Beary came along for support and comfort!

In other big new...Emma has her very first loose tooth!! Although Damian and I are both a little grossed out and neither one of us wants to pull it out. We keep telling her it will fall out soon. I have a feeling it will be this week because it is really starting to wiggle. I can't believe the loose tooth is also the first tooth she ever got. I still remember waiting and waiting for her to get her first tooth. She got it just a little bit before her first birthday. I'll have to look back in her baby book for the exact date. Thank goodness I wrote everything down! I will definitely have some pics of her toothless smile soon.

I cannot believe that in a few short weeks I will have a first grader. She has had such an amazing kindergarten year. I am amazed by everything she has learned. I look forward to next year too, but am sad that she's growing so quickly. It honestly feels like yesterday that we welcomed her into this world and now she's this smart, funny, tall, kind, beautiful little girl. I am so blessed to be her mommy!

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