Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Way Back When-esday: My Grandma Goldie

I want to share a bit about my Grandma Goldie this week. This is really just for me but I want to record some of my memories and thoughts so I will have them written to share with Emma and Max as the years pass by so quickly(and my memory begins to fade).
She is so very special to me and as I think back on all of my memories of her...a smile comes across my face and my heart feels so full and happy. Also, I can hear her sweet voice tell me whether on the phone or in person "Well Melissa, bless your heart." It's been a while since she has actually spoken because her health has been declining the past couple of years. Last summer I spent some time with her and she spoke a little and I knew then it would be the last I saw her before her passing. I think of her so often and love her very much. I am sad because I know the end is very near for her. But, I am joyful that she has lived a long full 92 years filled with family, love, and happiness. She has told me many times that she is ready for when the Good Lord feels it is her turn. She has been an excellent example of what a mother, grandmother, and an incredible woman looks like. I only hope that I can make her proud and show that I've learned by her example. She worked so hard her entire life and has raised a family that is amazing! I am so lucky to have grown up with her just down the road in Southern Indiana for the first 10 years of my life. I can still hear her tell me the story of the joy they felt when my dad told her that I was born. You see, no one knew that my mom and dad were having twins --it was 1977 after all. So, when my dad called my grandparents, he said we have a boy AND a girl. My grandma immediately got to planning a baby shower at her house when she realized that my parents weren't quite ready for two babies. We were the first set of twins in our family and they were beyond thrilled. I also love hearing her tell me the story of the time when she tried to give my brother and I baths when we were infants. She would laugh and tell me that she could barely get us out of the tub we were so slippery. She would always get so tickled about that bath story. She also made my brother and I cute twin shirts when we were about 4 years old. Mine says "I'm Melissa...That's Michael"(and Michael's says the opposite-ha!) I still have it in my cedar chest.
After my parents moved us to Florida, I used to spend every summer(about 6 weeks) with her and my Papaw, and my Mamaw Jennie--and my many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Those summers are something I will never forget. The person I am today is due in large part to my grandparents and all the lessons they taught me as I was growing up.
After we moved when I was about 10, I began writing letters(this was waaay before email) to my Grandma and she was so good at writing me back. I have saved pretty much every letter and card she has ever given me. They are packed away in boxes but I know that I will share these with my kids someday. Not to mention all the pictures I have to remember our special times. She always told me what was going on in our hometown and she also told me how proud she was of me. You know, typical grandparent stuff, but it really means so much!
Here is my beautiful Mamaw Goldie and I celebrating her 90th birthday on August 11, 2008
My Grandma is so proud of her children: Danny, Denny, Deeanna, Sharon, Johnny, and Kelley

Max and Mamaw Goldie in August 2008

she just loves her great grandbabies too...

with her "kids" in the summer of 2006

Emma absolutely loves Mamaw Goldie...she talks about her, prays for her, and has been writing sweet letters to her about going to heaven and how much she loves her since I've been preparing Emma for what's to come.
Emma and Mamaw-- summer 2006--(this is one of my all time favorite pictures)

I only hope my sweet Mamaw Goldie will go in peace and not endure any more suffering. She has always loved angels and I know that she has been and will continue to be my angel watching over me throughout my life.