Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tales of a Three Year Old

Can you see those freckles on his nose? I LOVE them and I LOVE him even more. He is so funny and smart. Oh my goodness, and those big blue eyes! Emma told him the other night..."Max-you're a great kid!" I couldn't agree more.

He always cuddles right up to me on the couch and I just want to hold him close and keep him this little forever. I'm sure in ten years I will look back at these pics with a tear in my eye because he will be a teenager....aaahhhhh!

Me and my boy being silly!!

He loves to give his Mommy kisses and I love getting them!

We celebrated my niece Elizabeth's 3rd birthday over the weekend at the park. Max loved this on the playground. His favorite color "lellow" and his favorite number "free"!! I love it!

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