Tuesday, May 24, 2011

first lost tooth

Well, it's happening...my little girl is growing up right before my eyes.
Last Thursday, she lost her very first tooth. After being wiggly for a couple of weeks, she ate some BBQ ribs for dinner and it was hanging by a "thread". Her daddy and I were very grossed out by the whole thing. I told her that I would pull it. (even though that's the last thing I wanted to do!) Being a first grade teacher there are usually-on average- a couple of teeth lost every other week. I have the kids rinse and clean their tooth off and put it in a cute little tooth treasure box. But I've never pulled any. In fact, I used to send them next door for one of my friends to pull them. Last year , one of my students even lost one down the sink drain in my classroom. My students show me daily their wiggly teeth or the holes where they've lost one--it's a Big Deal in first grade!!
Emma is so happy that her adult tooth is starting to pop up. In fact, I was asking her to do something over the weekend and she said "Mommy, that is for babies, you do know that I have an adult tooth coming in now!" Geez...that girl--she is only six! I remind her of that fact all the time!
She really hasn't stopped smiling since losing that tooth. I've got to find a picture and scan of her very first tooth popping up when she was 1 year old...the very same tooth she lost last week!

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