Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Three Year Old

When we signed Max up for soccer we thought he would love it. Well, we thought wrong. At least for our 3 year old. I'm hoping in a couple of years he will change his mind. He has been telling me that her really wants to play baseball and I knew this, but in our area baseball sign-ups begin at 4 years old. So I thought soccer would be fun for him. Especially since every time we drive by the field he goes crazy telling me all about his soccer games.
I was so excited to see him in his little "uniform" and play an organized sport. Maybe I should have realized that having 3-6 year olds playing soccer is not exactly organized. He did fine the first week. Then the second week he played a little but was more interested in drinking water and telling me he was bored. I kept trying to encourage him and tell him how much fun he was going to have playing with the other kids. Here are some week 2 shots...

waiting to kick the ball

He really is a natural athlete...clearly doesn't get this ability from me...thank goodness his Daddy is athletic or our kids would be in trouble! ha!

This is where the pouting, whining, and "this is boring" times were had!!

So, enter in week 3 of soccer and picture day. We arrived early and Max took his individual pic and smiled like a champ. His team really is so unorganized and while we were waiting for them to get ready for the group photo. --It took forever and only half the team showed up and who even knew where the Coach was-- 3 year old had a meltdown. I mean crying, buckle your legs so you can't walk...meltdown. I was horrified! How could my sweet little boy behave this way. Seriously, I did not even see it coming and both my kids are usually very well behaved. I was so unprepared for this. I grabbed my bag, told Damian to grab the chairs and marched the kids to the van and decided then and there that Max's soccer season was officially over. Clearly, he's not ready at 3 to play this team sport and even more clear is the fact that I will not subject myself to meltdowns that are not necessary.
We went home, had some lunch, and quiet(really quiet) time. Now our Saturdays don't have to be planned around soccer practice and games and meltdowns have been avoided. (for the time being anyway)

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