Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Way Back When-esday...Beach Bums

I finally printed out some pictures a few weeks ago when Snapfish had 100 prints for $5-such a great deal I couldn't pass it up! I am so far behind, but I did January-June 2009. I came across this pic and it is one of my all time favorites of my sweet babies. We had such an awesome time at the beach at Longboat Key--even though I put Summer on the pic, I think it was actually our Spring Break. I'm too lazy and tired to go back and fix it now. I love how Emma and Max hold hands!(even without us asking during picture time) She may "mother" him and boss him around a little, but they love each other so much. We are heading to the beach this weekend to stay with our friends Jon and Cathy and I'm looking forward to a fun weekend!

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