Saturday, March 26, 2011

Six Year Old Saturday

My six year old has kept me very busy this past week. I still cannot believe she broke her arm last Friday. She has such a great attitude about it...thank goodness-because it breaks my heart. She is so active and loves to do cartwheels, play on the playground, and swim.(among other things) It's going to be a long time before she can do those things again. Probably 8 more weeks-oh my!
Yesterday we went to the Orthopedic Doctor. Dr. Chan was awesome...the over 2 1/2 hour wait time... not so much. This mommy was getting pretty frustrated! When we did finally see him, we were sent for more x-rays and saw that the two broken bones are healing nicely. Emma got her purple cast put on and we are scheduled to go back on Good Friday. Then she will have another cast for about 3-4 more weeks and it can be a waterproof cast.
I count my blessings every day and tell myself that it could be much worse. I'm going to keep doing this during bath time and the added minutes to my morning routine of getting dressed and ready for the day.
Fortunately, despite the broken arm, we still had a fantastic Spring Break and we are anxiously awaiting summer break!

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