Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disney Fun

On Thursday, my mom, my sister Brooke, and I took Emma, Max, Allie, Noah, and my niece Elizabeth to the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. We had a blast!! Even with a four month old, a 2 yr old, two 3 year olds, and a 6 year old with a broken arm we managed to do a lot!
Unfortunately my camera is still terrible. I was supposed to get a new one last week but with an unexpected dead car battery and a broken camera fund is a little smaller.
It's also really hard to take pics when you're having so much fun! A few of these are from my sister's camera. I also took some on my mom's camera, but she hasn't downloaded them yet.
Our first stop was the Magic Kingdom. We headed straight to the Barber shop on Main Street so the girl's could get some pixie dust in their hair.Max was supposed to get some pirate dust but stopped at the blue color-he decided the confetti wasn't for him. The girls just loved the pink gel color and confetti and it costs under $8. It makes that magical day at Disney even more magical! After the Barber Shop we watched a little of the morning parade and then headed to Adventureland. We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Max was a little upset with me and kept asking where all the good pirates were...I think some of those guys scared him. After Pirates, we dined at Pecos Bills Cafe..always a family favorite! Then we headed to It's a Small World, the Carousel, and the PhilHarMagic show. Everyone loved that 3D show. We walked around some more, saw a little of the Princesses in front of the castle and then decided to head to EPCOT.
I love EPCOT at this time of year! I couldn't wait to see the Flower and Garden Festival. I just love to see all of the topiaries and beautiful flowers. My dad works there and has been part of this for as long as I can remember. His schedule has been a little crazy but it sure is worth it. This year they really outdid themselves. The entrance had topiaries of Buzz, Woody, and Lot-sa-- it even smelled like strawberries--it was awesome! Of course they kids really loved it! We walked around a little, visited Tinkerbell's fairy garden--really beautiful flowers, fairy topiaries, and a playground for the kiddos. (don't worry no bars for Emma to flip on!) We also went to the butterfly house where there were Bambi, Thumper, and Flower topiaries-Amazing!We enjoyed some Mickey Mouse ice cream bars and popcorn and then my mom and Brooke decided to head home with Allie, Noah, and Elizabeth--they were pretty exhausted and it was beyond naptime. I decided to stay and take Emma and Max on a few more things. We went to the Living Seas and the Finding Nemo ride. I bought the kids some souvenirs in the gift shop and then we headed to Spaceship Earth. Emma LOVED it! She's really into Science and learning about our world, so she thought it was the coolest thing. We played on some of the things after the ride and then we walked around some more. I really wanted to go to the World Showcase but it was getting late and we had a pretty long day. I can't wait to go back in the next couple of weeks to see more.

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