Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tales of a Three Year Old

I love my blue-eyed boy...
It's amazing to me how much this little boy makes me smile. I love his silly laugh, his smarts, and even his stubbornness.
He may look just like his Daddy, but he is definitely a Mommy's boy. Just ask him and that's what he'll tell you.
I love this pic...he looks like he's in such deep thought. Really he was just being a stinker and wouldn't look at the camera. Which is unlike him because he loves to ham it up!

He begged me to take him outside to "play some baseball" so that's what we did yesterday afternoon. He is such a little athlete. I pitched him the ball and he hit it over 10 feet away. I was impressed. I know his daddy takes him to play baseball, soccer, and golf after school but I'm usually home too late. I just love being off and spending precious time with my boy. He definitely doesn't get his athletic ability from me. He will start playing soccer soon and to say he is excited is an understatement. Every time we drive by the field(which is every time we leave our neighborhood) he talks about his soccer games.
There's that cheesy smile. I love my boy!

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