Monday, March 21, 2011


I couldn't believe it when the doctor at the pediactric urgent care told me Emma's left arm was broken. Damian had just flown back from his work trip to Alabama and literally stepped in the door after I had already had a crazy week without him here. My mom had just taken Max to the doctor that morning and he was diagnosed with an ear infection and strep throat.
I took Emma to get it checked out as soon as Damian came home. We were both so terrified. But I tried to be strong for her because I knew if I lost it, she would sense it. It was harder than I even imagined to see my baby in such pain. I just kept telling myself that it could be much worse. Her best friend at school Rylee had just recently broken her elbow and had to have surgery and pins. She just got her hard cast put on and will have it for a couple more weeks. So I guess now they will be twins with their left armed casts !
After I called Damian and freaked out a little bit, I went home and packed a little bag, we dropped Max at my in-laws, and we headed to the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa. We arrived at 10:30 pm and they did some more x-rays. I was so relieved when the orthopedic doctor told us he would be able to fix it without surgery. They gave her some morphine and another medicine that would make her be in a dream-like state while they fixed the fracture. She was so brave. I am so proud of her. I'm just sad she won't be able to be in gymnastics for at least 6 weeks(which means no end of the year program) and no soccer this year either.
We are so fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family. My parents and sister came over on Saturday and cheered her up with a new pillow pet and lots of goodies: a new barbie, books, coloring books, and chocolate. Damian's parents also came over yesterday and brought some lunch. We've also had lots of calls from family and friends.
Today has been a great day, she's back to her sweet self...smiling, lauging, and playing.
Here's my smiley girl!
In the hospital after the doctor put the splint on her arm.

I'm hoping the rest of Spring Break is uneventful!

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