Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tales of a Three Year Old

This kid cracks me up...Tonight he wanted to wrestle with me. So I picked him up and started to tickle his belly and his laughs were so hilarious we were both rolling on the floor laughing. He was so happy to be back in school today. He definitely missed his little buddies. He had almost a two week hiatus after spending some time with Aunt Brooke, Gram, and his cousins(and being sick with strep throat & a double ear infection) and then Spring Break last week with Mommy & Emma. The only downside was the amount of rain we had today...it was insane. It also meant no playground time for my very active little boy. He played some indoor gator golf and got some of that energy out though. He kept asking me if it was bedtime--starting at 6pm--I think he was confused because it was so dark outside. It's going to be a long week with all of the rain that's expected. I guess I'll have to bust out our craft supplies and make some spring crafts this week. I just love this sweet face...I really can't get enough of it! We did get his hair cut over the weekend.Finally, no more fluff!

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