Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seven Year Old Saturday

So, it's official... we have a SEVEN year old!! Unfortunately she is spending her first weekend as a seven year old with a stomach bug. She has been counting down the days all week to wear her Princess Jasmine costume to a Halloween party tonight and now she is not going to be able to go. What a bummer! She was also supposed to get a mani/pedi today but she was too busy throwing up! I'm just hoping it's a 24 hour bug and passes quickly so she can still go trick or treating on Monday. She is so sad right just breaks my heart.I'm just happy she knows how to use the toilet and didn't get sick in her bed...although we had an incident today at Publix when I thought she was feeling better so she ran to the store with me and lost her lunch. We ran to the bathroom and didn't make it. I had to clean up a huge mess, get help from strangers...who I was trying to make sure didn't step in anything, and she got it all over herself and was crying and saying she was sorry--so pitiful. That was quite an eventful afternoon!! Damian is going to stay home with her while I take Max to the party soon.

She might not be feeling well now but she had an awesome party last weekend--thank goodness we had her party last weekend! We went to Red Robin with Damian's parents on her actual birthday Thursday and we let her open her gift from us on the eve of her birthday. We were so excited and couldn't wait. Plus Damian leaves way too early for work and we had to leave quickly after work/school to meet at Red Robin.

Here she is reading her card from us...I love that she reads everything and loves cards--so do I!

She just realized that it's a DS...and she was squealing! She couldn't thank us enough and her smile was a mile still is despite her being sick! And she continues to thank us!
A very happy 7 year old and her little brother(who had backwards day at school!)

Max got her a Polly Pocket...he was so proud to give her his gift. We also got her the Tangled game which she loves. She used some birthday money to get a turquoise case set and the Cooking Mama game.

So happy to be 7!!

We are so blessed to have such a kind, smart, and thoughtful daughter. We love her so very much and couldn't be prouder of her. She fills us with so much joy! She is my heart!!

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