Saturday, October 22, 2011

Six Year Old Saturday: dancing, baking, and swimming

This weekend is all about our sweet Emma. Today she has her ballet performance for our town's Halloween Howl. She is so excited that she's been practicing her routine everywhere. My mom said she even showed them at EPCOT yesterday while they were waiting in line. Silly girl! Tomorrow we are having her bake shop birthday party with my family and just a few close friends. We are keeping it pretty simple and I decided to have the party at my mom and dad's house so she could invite a couple of friends from her class. It turns out only one of the four we invited can come but I know she will have so much fun. Especially since she has so many cousins!

A couple of weeks ago all of the first graders at our school participated in the water safety and swimming program at the YMCA. Since drowning is a leading cause of death in children in the state of Florida, our school district is very proactive in teaching the kids how to stay safe in and around water. Our first graders go in the fall and kindergarten goes in the spring. My class had so much fun and learned a great deal. It changes our schedule and interrupts our routine but it's always such a hit. I was excited when I found out Emma's class was right before mine so I got to see her at the pool. On the last day the kids were able to jump off the diving board and play in the water splash area. We actually had to have a make-up day on our last day because of a thunderstorm.

Here are a couple pics I was able to snap of my little swimmer.

We're looking forward to an awesome weekend!

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