Monday, October 24, 2011

Emma's 7th Birthday

Emma's birthday celebration was so much fun!

I just love planning a party and getting together with family and friends.

It seriously feels like yesterday we were planning her very 1st birthday and now here we are celebrating her 7th. My girl loves helping bake and especially loves her sweets. So we went with a Bake Shop Birthday theme. Emma, her cousins, and friends made their own pizzas, fruit kabobs, and decorated their own cupcakes.

I ordered chef's hats and had the kids write their names and add stickers to personalize them. I also made cupcake liner flowers for the girl's hats. I made some aprons for all the girls too! I actually found some cute polka-dotted bedskirts in the Target clearance for $3.24. I cut them up and sewed some cupcake ribbon on the top and voila...they were adorable. It was my first time ever sewing and I think they turned out pretty well. (just don't look too close!!)

Emma was so excited to celebrate with her BCF(best cousin forever) Hannah and her good friend Rylee who's been in her class since Pre-K.

The girls were so cute getting their baking hats ready and a few boys joined in on the fun too!
I didn't get too many pics of them making the pizzas because we were so busy getting them in the oven. I found some small pizza kits at Wal-mart that were perfect for the party. My mom made chili for us and I had just a few other appetizers as well.

The fruit kabobs were a hit...even though wooden skewers weren't my most brilliant idea, because Gram had to pull out a few band-aids! Nothing serious though.

I made funfetti cupcakes for the kiddos to decorate. I bought the frosting bags and my mom has a ton of icing tips so each of the kids decorated with frosting, m&m's, mini chocolate chips, and sprinkles galore!

My sister made some chocolate cookie dough cupcakes(a recipe from Pinterest) and I made Oreo cupcakes and cake balls. Yummy!!

Since we decorated the cupcakes inside we decided to sing to Emma and open gifts outside. She loved her turquoise "7" candle.

The kids loved bouncing around in our bounce house and just running around outside between all the baking.

I loved watching Emma open her gifts and read all of her cards by herself from our family and friends. She was soooo excited! She is one blessed little girl to have so many people that love her!

We love our baby boys...Noah and Benjamin and to think there will be another one in January--I can hardly wait!! Seriously...I could eat those boys up!!

Emma was thrilled with her new Jasmine costume. She's already tried it on several times and is counting down the days until she can wear it for a Halloween party we're going to this weekend!

We're looking forward to more birthday fun for our sweet girl throughout this week!

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  1. Such a fun birthday party! Loved the theme, especially. Is it bad that I totally want one of those aprons for myself?! Too cute :)