Wednesday, November 2, 2011

trick or treating

I was a little worried when it rained all day on Monday. I thought for sure trick or treating would be ruined. Especially after Emma couldn't go to the Switzer's Halloween party because of a stomach bug. (That Princess Jasmine costume has been sitting out and ready to wear since her party!!) Fortunately, the skies cleared up and we had a fantastic night filled with treats. We decided to go to Damian's golf course and use the carts from his shop to trick or treat around the neighborhood. Many of the members of the golf course wanted Damian and I to bring the kids by to show off their costumes. They all just loved seeing the kids! We invited our friends the Switzer's to join us for some trick or treating fun!

Our Princess Jasmine and Police Officer Lego guy were adorable!

The kids had a blast with Super Ninja Brody and Scarecrow Connor

The kids were so cute! They made sure to shout Trick or Treat and were very polite...always saying thank you! Many of the houses were having "block parties". There were so many people out and about. We even ran into several people we knew...girls from Emma's ballet class, people from church, and Max and Brody's Pre-K teacher assistant, Ms. Danielle. (see the picture below in the upper right hand corner!)

It was a GREAT idea to use the golf carts. Damian knows all the short cuts and even took us on quite an adventure through some very tall grass.(I thought we were going to end up in a small pond & I think Jessi was a little worried for a minute there too...whew!!) We had headlights on the carts so we were able to take a water break on the course. The kids loved it!

After we finished at the golf course we headed home to eat dinner(it was a bit of a crazy night!) and stopped at our neighbors house. They are an older retired couple and they loved seeing the kids too. They even made them special goodie bags! So sweet!

My little trick or treaters had a blast!

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  1. SOOOO clearly a blast! Great images, and glad it didn't rain to horribly! (We were SOAKED!)

    Happy November!