Saturday, October 29, 2011

Four Year Old Friday

Let's pretend it's Friday...I had every intention of posting these last night but I had a rough night...sooo here they are now.
Max had different fun things planned each day this week: favorite sports team shirt day, crazy hat day, backwards day, pajama day, and yesterday was dress like your favorite storybook character day. He had a blast each day this week and was really excited to dress up yesterday! Except he wasn't a fan of the face paint...he kept begging me to wipe it off, but being the good mother that I am, I made him wear it anyway. I should have taken some pics of his crying/whining faces...those are a fun way to start the day!!

We chose the mouse from "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". Here he is with his buddy Brody who dressed as a farmer from "Muncha!Muncha! Muncha!"

Adorable boys!!
I baked some homemade chocolate chip cookies for his class to eat while they were reading the story! His teacher loved it!
We also put some goody bags together for his class. He had a blast! When I asked him his favorite part of the day he said "the barbeque chips--my favorite!!" Silly kid!

My cute little mouse...he tried to twitch his nose and kept squeaking and trying to talk to Emma's hamster.

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