Monday, October 24, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: The birthday girl

Yesterday we celebrated Emma's 7th birthday...hold on I just had to wipe a few tears over my baby girl growing up way too fast...Her actual birthday is this Thursday October 27th. She is beyond excited and has decided we are going to celebrate all week!

You only turn 7 once, so why not!!!

Here are just a couple of pics from her Bake Shop birthday at Gram and Papaw's house with our family and a few friends. We will also be going to Red Robin with Baba and Grandpop, doing a little shopping at Toys R' Us, taking donuts into her class, and getting manicures and pedicures with some friends next Saturday morning.

There are some more pictures of cuteness to come...

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  1. Happy Birthday to Emma! Can't wait to see more pictures from her party. She's such a little doll :)