Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Way Back When-esday: five years ago

I came across this pic of Damian, Emma, and I from exactly five years ago. I cannot believe how quickly five years has gone by.This honestly feels like yesterday!!

Emma was almost 2 years old and the apple of our eye!! (she still is of course but shares the spotlight with little brother now!) I forget how long(and blonde) my hair was back then. I also think I look so much younger...having two kids and teaching first graders for over 10 years has aged me a little--I do believe.

I also think of all that has happened in our lives over the last five years, the ups, downs, and in betweens! I love my family of four and I can only imagine what the next five years has in store for us. I only know that it will be full of love, laughter, and many happy memories will be made!

I'm looking back with Cheryl at Twinfatuation this week!

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