Saturday, July 30, 2011

Six Year Old Saturday

Guess who's been riding her bike without training wheels--long distances-- for over a week now? My big girl is growing up before my eyes! We have enjoyed every minute of being home together this summer but I think my girl is ready for first grade. She is on the countdown for back to school and squealed when I told her there are only three weeks left(2 weeks for me!!) before she starts school! I've done a little school supply shopping for her and she is definitely her mother's daughter. She is so excited about her Crayola crayons, new notebooks, backpack, lunchbox, and really everything I've gotten her! She also cannot wait to get new shoes!! Luckily, she wears uniforms so we don't have to do too much clothes shopping!!

She has been so helpful lately and amazes me everyday!

I love my girl!!

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