Saturday, July 16, 2011

Six Year Old Saturday

I just love these pics of my girl from the beach!

We are having such a great summer!

I cannot believe it's the middle of July already. In another month school will be starting again. I love summer break but I also love getting back into a normal routine again.
The beginning of school is such an exciting time...although it did just about break my heart to see school supplies already out in the stores.

Emma has had so much fun the past few days with her cousins Allie and Noah and of course little bro Max too. We had lunch at Red Robin, did a little shopping, played at the splash park and of course the girls loved to play dress-up and hair salon! We also met up with my in-laws last night for dinner so the kids saw their grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins. The kids always have so much fun together. We made some plans for them to get together next week and Emma is already counting down the days on her calendar.

This weekend should be pretty relaxing. Hanging out with the family, swimming later~if it doesn't rain.(which it usually does every afternoon in Florida in July!)

I have got to get caught up on my laundry from our vacation.I've been putting it off long enough.

Not to mention grocery shopping and getting a few little things for tomorrow. I have a baby shower for my good friend Jennifer! I am soooo excited to celebrate baby Ethan!!

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  1. Hope the baby shower was a success! I'm hosting a shower in a few months and I'm always looking for ideas!