Saturday, July 2, 2011

Six Year Old Saturday

Here's my big girl showing off her newest lost tooth!

Her daddy is still grossed out by wiggly teeth. I'm beginning to get used to them and even offered to pull it out for her. Luckily I didn't have to this time. We were shopping at Walmart and it fell out while we were walking around the store. I think it fell out right about the time I had gotten my freezer & refrigerator items and Max said he had to use the potty(on the other side of the store) and I just wanted to hurry up and get home.

That was a fun grocery shopping trip. Blood gushing out of her mouth, Max not knowing how to use his inside voice to tell me he had to potty, and tons of older folks stopping to talk to me & the kids. I am definitely my father's daughter because I like to chat. The sweetest 90 year old woman stopped to chat for about 5-10 minutes and she was too cute. She was telling me about all the flowers she just planted and the Emma really enjoyed talking to her. We live in a small town and most of the people are so friendly!

I think Emma's grown about 6 inches this summer!! I'm kidding but she is a tall girl like her momma! She's about a head taller than most of her friends and her cousins who are just a few months younger.

She got to make some crafts this week and she has been putting on fashion shows for me complete with accessories and lip gloss while her brother naps in the afternoon. We also have gone to the park, had lunch at the golf course with daddy, went swimming, and met some friends at the splash park.

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