Thursday, July 28, 2011

Downtown Disney

The kids and I took a "mini-vacation" to stay with my parents for a few days. It's always so much fun to spend time with my parents and my sister and her family too.

We went to dinner at Chevy's on Tuesday night. I think my sister is having a major pregnancy craving for mexican. Have I mentioned I'm going to have a new niece or nephew in January!?! We are beyond thrilled!! I don't mind joining her in those cravings(minus the pregnancy of course!)...dinner was delicious! After dinner we headed to Downtown Disney. I have been wanting to take Max to the Lego store. He is obsessed with Legos right now!! I just signed him up for the Lego Jr. magazine and I know he will "read" it all day long when it arrives in the mail. His eyes were huge when he saw all the legos. He is still talking about it and can't wait until we go back. We're pretty excited about the Legoland theme park that will be opening close to us in October too! We had fun doing some shopping at the World of Disney, riding the train, and walking around. Despite the humidity and massive amounts of was a great night! I let the kids choose one small souvenir.(since we were going to the Magic Kingdom the next day) Max chose a pirate set and Emma chose a Minnie hat.

The girls...

Emma and Allie

The boys...

Max and Noah

outside the Lego store

building with legos takes concentration

racing his car

ready to race again

Aunt Brooke is the lego master!! She worked at this store years ago! She was trying to help Allie with her car and show off her lego building skills!! ha ha

riding the train

Gram and Noah

Noah can't wait until he's big enough to ride the train!

Papaw and the boys(my poor dad-he gets up VERY early to go to work and was exhausted but still wanted to go out with his grandkids!!)

Emma was all smiles after going by Bippity Boppity salon and getting some glitter in her hair!

We can't wait to go back to Downtown Disney in the fall...when there are less people and the weather is cooler.

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