Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ready for kindergarten

Last night Max had his preschool graduation/end of the year program. One of the highlights of any of his programs is the video slideshow his teacher's asst. Miss Danielle puts together. Once again it did not disappoint. She does such a wonderful job putting together pictures and videos of the kids throughout the entire year.
I love getting a glimpse of what's happening in his classroom. My favorite part this year was when she had Max and two of his friends dressed up like the Blue Man Group and they did a whole choreographed routine and even had them going around to the kids in the class and showing each of the classes playing drums and dancing. It was awesome!
I have a few other pics from last night but for now I wanted to share these of Max (and I) of his first day in VPK and right before his program last night. Tomorrow is his official last day and then he'll be ready for kindergarten--After a fun-filled summer, of course! I was a little worried since his  birthday is August 28th, (that means he'll still be 4 when school begins) I know without a doubt he's ready for school.  While I'm a little sad my baby is growing up, I am thrilled he will be at my school and I will be able to see him throughout the day. When I see Emma in the hallways, cafeterias or around school it brightens my days. I can't wait to have both my babies close to me!

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