Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day this year has been pretty laid back and relaxing if you call going to church and then out to eat with 10 kids, 10 and under relaxing...ha ha! Actually it has been a really nice day! We started out by going to church with my entire family. We pretty much take up too rows of pews these days. Then we headed to a new family favorite keke's breakfast cafe. It was delicious as always and the kids were very well behaved and devoured their food.  We then went to my brother's new house- which they closed on this past Thursday-to open gifts and get a house tour. It's beautiful and fits their family perfectly!
We headed home so Damian could get in a little nap. I probably should've been doing our vacation laundry but that can wait since I'm home all summer and will have plenty of time. Instead I've been catching up on blog reading, relaxing, and hanging out with the kids. We are getting ready to head to my in-laws for dinner and a father's day celebration with them.

Tomorrow I have jury duty...I was really hoping my number wouldn't be on the list. But, it was! Emma is the most bummed because she can't go to gymnastics camp until Tuesday.
I have some fun pics from Savannah to share soon. Damian and I had the best time! We enjoyed the tours, good food, and just being together.

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