Friday, June 8, 2012

Four Year Old Friday: My little graduate

Well my four year old is officially a kindergartener! He is more than ready and beyond excited! As I mentioned in my last post he had his graduation/end of the year program this week. I was a little weepy and definitely had a tear in my eye! But, I was even more proud. There is nothing better than watching your child "shine" on a stage. He loved singing and the slide show his teacher's asst. put together let me see his sweet, funny personality shine through in his class. Max is so friendly and loves to talk, talk, and talk some more. (and ask questions!!) He rode to school with me this morning and I forgot how much he likes to talk. I'm used to Emma talking a little, sleeping, coloring, or singing songs quietly in the morning. Max wanted to talk about everything! Whenever we go anywhere in our town, Max always sees someone he knows from school and wants to go chat with them. I often hear "Hey Max Hillen!" while we are out and about in our town. It cracks me up they call him by his first and last name because there is another Max in his class.

He told me after I took this picture "Do I look like a model, Mommy?" Seriously, he's too much!

 So proud to be graduating VPK!
In the opening slide show(his teacher did 2 amazing slideshows!) they interviewed the VPK kids and asked them different questions. Their answers were adorable and hilarious! 
 I have a couple of awesome videos of him dressed as The Blue Man Group with his buddies and playing the drums. This picture does not do his little "skit" justice. It was priceless!!
 singing "God Bless, America"
 more slide show pics from Crazy Hat Day
 My little graduate
I was a little upset they forgot to order the caps/didn't order them in time for the program. But, he still looked pretty cute and he got a 2012 tassel and plaque with his picture in the cap and gown.
 His teachers Ms. Elizabeth and Miss Danielle

 My sweet family

 I love him so much my heart could burst!

One of my students(whose mom works with me) gave me an end of the year gift with a little plaque that pretty much sums up my life:
"Beyond lucky
I just love it and that's exactly how I feel about my family and friends.

Today was the last day of school with kids, I still have to go back on Monday for post planning. I just have a few odds and ends and then it's sweet summertime!
Tomorrow is Emma's ballet recital and we're having my family over for dinner and my parents are staying over for the weekend. It's going to be a lot of fun! I think I might try to squeeze in a girl's night with dinner and a movie on Sunday with a couple of my friends too!

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