Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Commenting Challenge

I am participating in the commenting challenge this week and am excited to "meet" other bloggers and follow some new ones. I'm a day late because I've been at training workshops at my school this week. Hello, Common Core State Standards!!

Welcome! My name is Melissa. I am 34(almost 35) years old and I live in Central Florida with my husband Damian and our adorable children:
Emma was born October 27, 2004 and is a sweet, smart, and compassionate 7 year old.  Max was born August 28, 2007  and is super  excited about starting kindergarten. He is funny, charming, and has the most adorable freckles. I had both of my kids on their due dates which I think is pretty amazing!
Damian and I just celebrated 10 years of marriage on June 15!  I am a first grade teacher and have been for 12 years now. I love my job and also love having the summers off to be with my sweet kids!My hubby is a golf course superintendent and is a hardworking, hands-on daddy. 
I'll be honest, I'm not that great of a blogger. I try to put pics of my kids and some family updates. I want to try even harder because I love looking back at this blog as my online scrapbook. I blog mostly for myself(one of my cousins and a good friend got me started) but I love reading blogs that share recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, and just other mommy blogs who have kids around the same age as mine. Maybe I'll get it together and share more of those other things too. One of the things on my summer to do list is a new blog design. I plan on getting that done in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog.


  1. Stopping by from Jenna's! Nice to meet you! Hope you've had a relaxing summer off so far! I've always envied that about teachers!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Yours is super cute! Love "meeting" so many moms of Emmas! ;)

  3. Hi. I found you blog through the comment challenge. I am glad to find another teacher. This last year I taught a 1/2 combo on a shared teaching contract (2 teachers in one class each part time). Teaching is the best job to have while being a mommy! I look forward to following your blog.

  4. So glad you commented we have so much in common! And yay for twins!!! Although I am mad at mine right now...she's been getting on my nerves ha ha!

  5. Melissa, thanks for the comment you left on my blog! Your blog is too cute for words!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer with your family!


  6. found your blog through the commenting challenge! so cool that you have both your kids on their due dates!! Anyways, just wanted to say "hello!"

  7. Good morning! OVer from Jennas. First THANK YOU for being a teacher! What an important job you have! We are so fortunate that we have had amazing teachers so far in our kids lives (my older two are almost 6 and 4) not tons of experience but we know how important you guys are!
    I look forward to reading your updates