Friday, June 22, 2012

Four Year Old Friday

Or as Max will tell you(and everyone he meets) 4 1/2 year old
--because that is so much cooler than just 4.

In a little more than two months he will be FIVE!! He's already planning his birthday party...silly boy! I have to admit I have bought a few things already, I just hope I remember where I put them when it's his b-day.

We have had a great week just me and my boy! Emma has been at dance/gymnastics camp this week.(having the time of her life I might add) Tuesday we played legos, read books, played some more, watched some Phineas and Ferb, and played some more. Wednesday we went to our local theater for the kids summer movies and saw Chipwrecked and of course came home and played. Yesterday we met up with our good friends and Max's best bud Brody at the splash park, our first time this summer! We love that place. I'm pretty sure I had just as much fun as Max chatting with my friend Jessi. After we picked up Emma, I dropped the kids off at Damian's golf course and went to Target by myself while they rode around the course with daddy. Yes, it was wonderful. We all had fun! It's been a week of grilling out, swimming, staying up late, sleeping in until after 8, reading books, and just having fun with my family. I really love summer!  Today I have to tackle the mountain that has become my laundry pile and do a little cleaning and packing. Max says he and his big muscles are going to help. We'll see how long that lasts.
Here he is dancing at the splash park...I love this kid!!

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