Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Friday nights in the Hillen home are usually pretty low, movies, games, a little Wii. We like to stay in after a busy work/school week and save the fun for the weekend.

This past Friday was a little different since we were off from school all was glorious!! I started the day by going black Friday shopping at 1:30 a.m thanks to my sis...she wanted to go at midnight but I convinced her that we needed a little sleep. Thankfully, my mom, sister, sister in-law, and I didn't run into any black Friday craziness and had so much fun! We try to go every year(usually at 4 a.m.) but missed out going together last year due to my nephew Noah's birth one week prior. After shopping, we visited with my parents and had some yummy leftovers for lunch! Then we headed to our hotel, the Rosen Plaza, for the weekend. They were just starting to put up Christmas decorations and the kids LOVED the toy soldiers. They wanted to bring one home.

After exploring the hotel for a little bit we headed to Pointe Orlando for dinner at Adobe Gilla's
with Damian's good friend Bob who lives nearby. I had some fabulous fajitas and was so exhausted at this point that we walked around and made it an early night. Both Damian and Bob had to work at their golf courses that morning so the adults were all a little from that early morning shopping! The kids were ready to go since they had naps so they played, jumped on the hotel beds, and watched movies! They both love staying at a hotel. They are always up for a little adventure. Although it wasn't a really late night, it was a fun Friday night!

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