Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Way Back When-esday: Birthday edition

Tomorrow my brother and I will be 34 years old!! I have loved growing up as a twin!! It really is such a neat bond to share. In my childhood, I had a constant companion,playmate, and best friend. We have always been close and although now we are married and have families of our own, I know I can count on my brother no matter what. I have always enjoyed celebrating our special day together.

I still love hearing my parents tell us about the day we were born, we decided to arrive 6 weeks early. They had no idea they were having twins until my brother was born and the doctor said he was small at a little over 5 lbs and that he thought there was another baby. Well, two minutes later I arrived breach, weighing a whopping 4 lbs, 2 oz!! As a mother, who's had two children, I cannot even imagine the shock and surprise they experienced on that day!

Here are just a few pics of Michael and I through the years...

1 year old...matching it!

Our 1st birthday party: Raggedy Ann & Andy theme

with our cousin Sheri
Love the seventies style!!

playing together

Christmas '81

middle school--early 90's

In case you were wondering braces and bangs were all the rage!!

Homecoming our senior year of high school: my brother the homecoming king!

a luau birthday celebration


Our 30th birthday


(I was a little bit pregnant with Max-ha!)


We're looking forward to getting together this weekend for a family birthday celebration!

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