Saturday, August 20, 2011

take me out to the ballgame...

This week(and last) was crazy busy! I feel like I did nothing but think about my classroom and getting ready for a new school year with my first graders. I was beyond exhausted when I finally got home after "meet the teacher" last night. Damian brought the kids to Emma's classrooms and then took them to Chuck E. Cheese and Dairy Queen. They had a blast! Thankfully, I have everything ready for school and didn't bring anything home to work on over the weekend! So it will be full of family fun. Today we ran a few errands; grocery store, local thrift store(where I found some great things), played the Wii, and we're watching a movie now. Tomorrow we have church in the morning and we're planning on getting together with some friends in the afternoon for a bbq and swimming.

These pictures are from last Friday night. The kids loved their spaghetti dinner at Olive Garden and we had so much fun at the baseball game too!

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