Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday:back to school

It is back to school time for all of us this week! I am glad to get back into our routine. Although, I will miss being home and having fun with Emma and Max. Teaching first grade is exhausting at the beginning of the year! Setting up the classroom, preparing the lessons, teaching the procedures and routines and being on my feet nonstop the whole day. Whew!! I am beyond tired!! I will be glad in a few weeks after all my hard work pays off.

Max had so much fun at Pre-K 4. He was happy to see his friends and meet some new ones. He told me that he was a very good boy and was a good listener. I sure hope that's true!
Emma is so excited to be a first grader! She had a terrific day and can't wait for tomorrow. She is also starting back to ballet tomorrow and girl scouts(daisies) in a couple weeks. She will be going to religious ed it will be a busy year.

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