Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six Year Old Saturday

I have enjoyed every stage of motherhood...from having a newborn to now a school age...first grader! I can honestly say that each stage keeps getting better and better. I sometimes miss those toddler days but I love where we are now. It's nice to see your child gain independence and gain so much knowledge. Plus it's so much easier to do things and go places now. I am so blessed by having my little girl. Those big blue eyes and curly hair just melt my heart! I love watching who she is becoming and I just beam with pride when I look at her. She is not only a great daughter but an awesome big sister!

She has another loose tooth and rode her bike without training wheels yesterday. There's nothing I can do to stop my little girl from growing up...sigh...sob!

She has been reading stories that I never imagined she's be reading at her age and she LOVES to write stories. She has continued to keep a journal about her days and I love that she shares these with me. I know there will come a day when she won't. Since we were at the beach she hasn't had much time at the house but she has been begging me to do some arts and crafts. It's definitely on the agenda for next week. We also plan on doing some baking too. Not to mention playdates with friends and cousins, playing outside, and a lot of swimming. My little fish can't get enough of the pool!

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