Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Beach Vacation

We just returned from our beach vacation to Tradewinds at St. Pete Beach and we had an amazing time. It was tough getting up and back in the swing of things today but thankfully I am a summer stay at home mom now. We slept in, I have been getting caught up on laundry, cleaning, and the kids have been playing their little hearts out. As exciting as it is to get away, it's always nice to come home too. Plus, we have another beach vacation to look forward to in July~not to mention all the fun things we plan to do this summer.

I took 300+ pictures so it's a little overwhelming to sort through all of them. I put just a few of my favorites on here. They are mostly of the kids in the pool, enjoying the resort, or playing on the beach because that's about all we did. It was the perfect vacation for us. We slept in, ate breakfast, headed to the pool, then the beach, had lunch, took naps, back to the pool and beach, then showered and got ready for dinner.
Damian and I didn't waste any time getting a fruity drink! Yum!
oops..just deleted the cutest pic of the kids playing in the sand here...

Jammie time...getting ready to watch the "dive-in" movie right by the pool outside our window. We had a room in the perfect location!

ready for some pool time

This boy LOVED the resort!

Emma had to do this again!

Max loved the trampoline bungee this year!

Mommy enjoyed reading a book under the cabana!

getting buried in the sand

the big water slide was a hit again

this girl loved the pool

feeding the swans

ready for more fun in the sun

Emma going down the slide

Max's exact words: "That was awesome!"

our little beach bums

working on a sandcastle

the kids painting sand dollars

They do this even when I don't it!

Our beach family pic

When I asked Max to smile for a pic, he ran away.

Max was so excited to write his name in the sand!

Emma wrote her name too! (sorry tried to turn it around but didn't work)

my sweet boy...there's that smile!

having fun on the playground

look what they caught!

I love these kids!!!!

My hubby and I on our 9th wedding anniversary! We couldn't think of a better way to spend it than on a beach vacation with our amazing children!

**I had a few other pics on here but deleted them by mistake, when I was writing the captions--they were some good ones--bummer!**

We had a great time and can't wait for another beach vacation with my family to celebrate my parent's 35th wedding anniversary in July!

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  1. So Cute! Miss you guys! Abby has the same bathing suit:)