Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Way Back When-esday...totally random

This is a totally random way back picture post. I was planning on doing Easter pics from the past few years but I came across these sweet pics and so many memories came flooding back.
I am using the SD card for my new camera from a camera that my dad gave me a few months back. That camera is missing the charger for the battery, when I went to buy a new one it was tough to find the right charger. Anyway, when I put the card in I found over 300 pics my dad had taken starting in August 2007--when my sweet baby boy Max was born. It was so neat to see some pics I haven't seen before.

My parents kept Emma while we were in the hospital. This is what Gram and Emma like to do when they get together...bake some cookies! Look at my little (almost) 3 year old. I can't believe she's 6 1/2 now!

Snuggle time... Emma, and Jack the puppy(who now lives with my cousin Kate and her husband!)My sweet boy and I just moments after he joined the world... It looks like he's smiling at his big sister!

Papaw and his boy...My dad LOVES to wear his Grandpa shirt! He has several different and he wears them all the time. He is so proud of his grandchildren.

Gram and her newest grandson. My mom also loves to wear her gram shirts...She was so happy to hold Max--I love that smile!

I love this...Gram helping big sister Emma...It truly feels like yesterday!

It brings a tear to my eye to think about how quickly this time has gone. But, it also warms my heart to know that each year keeps getting better and better and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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