Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Way Back When-esday: Easter edition

So...I tried to make a little photo collage from the past 6 years. It's small and a little blurry but if you click on the pics they are bigger.
It's so neat for me to look back and see how my little family has grown and changed. Some days I can hardly remember those days and others it seems like yesterday.
I just wish I had some pics on snapfish of Emma's first Easter but those are all on a cd in some box packed away. I still remember her sweet little purple dress that I was soo excited to buy. She still has it and uses it to dress up her dolls.
I realized a few things while looking back through the years...First, I am a little bummed I didn't get a family picture last year in our Sunday best. I'll have to see if my mom or sister got one. We hosted Easter at our house so things were a little hectic. I also noticed that I wore the same outfit in 2006 &2008...oops. That just goes to show that I would much rather buy cute clothes for my kids! I loved my baby bump in 2007-I was about 5 months pregnant-really wish I would have taken more pregnant pics of myself. I also came to the conclusion that I love my hair shorter. Although this year's picture isn't my most flattering...we had just been running around for the egg hunt. I also wish I had one of us all together(I have me with the kids & D with the kids) this year before or after church but it's hard when you are trying to get the food, baskets, and million other things ready and out the door to travel to visit with the family.

I just love looking back and remembering these sweet times with my family!

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