Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter with the Hillen's

It was so nice to see everyone in Damian's family on Saturday. It was a beautiful day to get together to eat, talk, laugh, and just enjoy the day. It would have been even better if poor little Max hadn't been sick. He wasn't running a fever and hadn't thrown up for 24 hours so we thought he was on the mend. And everyone else that I talked to from his school only had this stomach bug for a day and a half tops. He took a nap on the way over and we thought he was feeling better. He layed down for awhile and then was very clingy and whiny...great just what we hope for when the whole family gets together, which doesn't happen very often because everyone is always so busy. I didn't get a chance to help out too much or even chat with everyone but it was good to have some laughs which are never in short supply when the Hillen's are around. I especially love the belly laughs that can be heard for miles around!
It was such a beautiful day that we enjoyed our feast outside...I even sat at the kids table this year. I was sure hoping to join the grown-ups but Max didn't want me to leave his side.
I loved watching Grandpop play "tennis" with the kids. It was priceless! The kids also looked so adorable in the bunny glasses from Uncle Matt and Aunt Holly.

We all brought some eggs filled with candy and money. They loved running around collecting eggs---although Max had a little help from his daddy. They made out like bandits. I think Max added $12 to his piggy bank and Emma had about $15 from the egg hunt, not to mention the overflowing baskets of candy. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all this candy. I have about 5 baskets full!

Still to come Easter morning at our home and Easter with the Robbins'!!

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