Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Way Back When-esday

I love that my brother, sister, and I all have kids the same age. It is awesome that we can pass down the clothes to the cousins. Especially since they are in the infant sizes for such a short time. Some outfits were only worn once and maybe some still had the tags on them! I know my sister was happy to get the 20+ bins of baby boy clothes for Noah! I know I was happy to pass them along! Although, I may or may not have put some sizes in the wrong bins after the fact. (Sorry that you found those 3-6 months in the 24 month bin Brooke!)
I love when my sister dresses Noah in some of my favorite outfits that Max wore. She is so thoughful like that.
Below is one of my faves! It's the sweetest little elephant outfit from Gymboree. It was the first outfit I bought when we found out we were having a boy. I just want to kiss and squeeze my baby boy...I still do... but now he's huge!!
Max-October 2007(2 months old)

Noah-December 2010 (1 1/2 months old)
I love that they both have their arms up in the air!

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