Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday

**I thought I scheduled this to post on Monday but just realized I didn't...oops!**

I'm really bummed I didn't take a picture with Emma yesterday. But we had such a fun Mommy and Me day I just had to share! She's been asking for awhile if we could see the Justin Bieber movie. I honestly didn't understand what all of the hype was about with this 16 yr. old kid. Really I was kind of over hearing about him at home and from my students. But, Emma has been singing his songs and talking about him for awhile. She even wrote a story about how cute he is! The funniest thing is when she saw some pictures from my parent's wedding in 1976 and couldn't believe that her Papaw looked like Justin Bieber. I'll have to scan a picture--the hairstyle is so similar!

So I finally took her to see his movie Never Say Never. It was so neat to see her get sooo excited--there was definitely some squealing involved. I have to admit I have a little Bieber Fever myself now. He's so talented and has such a neat story to share. I really enjoyed the movie and feel like he sends such a great message to kids. You know that will probably change...but I like to be hopeful and try to stay optimistic that there is good in this world! I don't however understand all the crying and craziness from some of these girls. I think that's a little extreme. I guess it's like any teenage heartthrob...brings me back to my Tiger Beat days and hanging up posters of New Kids on the Block & other cutie patooties!

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