Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet Valentines

Four posts in one day is a record for me...I just want to make sure I get it all down so I don't forget. Because my memory is so bad...I can barely remember what happened last week.

I love Valentine's Day---the ESE teacher who works with me in my classroom was joking with me that I say that about every holiday and I guess it's true. I love decorating my house and my classroom for the holidays. On February 1, all of my V-day decorations were up! I do love the holidays. But I mean I really do love Valentine's day. I tell and try to show my sweeties every day how much I love them. But I think it's great to have a day to celebrate love and friendship. I love the color red and hearts. I also love any excuse to give gifts! Emma and Max had a blast making their valentine cards for their friends this year! Also, my students in my class were so excited to hand out their valentines and of course make crafts and have a party. Sometimes its nice to just have fun! At least one of my students says every year-"This was the best day ever!" That just makes my day! We had a terrific Valentine's Day this year. Damian and I gave the kids mailboxes with their favorite candy-M&M's for Max, Reese's Peanut Butter cups for Emma. Emma also got a big box of chocolates---her first one---she is such a chocoholic-she was hugging it-ha! She got her new fav movie Ramona and Beezus too. Max got a heart box of gummy lifesavers and a Star Wars Lego set. They are still thanking us for their gifts--too sweet! We had one of our favorite meals-chicken parmesan--by candlelight with the kids. Then on Tuesday, Damian and I had a hot date at Outback-yum! We also bought each other a new laptop--- I LOVE it! Which is partly the reason I have so many posts-this computer is awesome!

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