Sunday, August 19, 2012

second grader

My sweet Emma is starting second grade tomorrow.
 I feel like her newborn, infant, toddler, and preschool days have flashed before my eyes. I am so happy that she loves school and does so well.
For kindergarten and first grade she had the same enrichment teachers. So this year she moves to the new, big kid building and has her very own desk. She was talking about her desk today and can hardly wait. She is in the same class with all of her friends from last year.(well actually from kindergarten) It is such a great group of kids with wonderful families. I am looking forward to seeing all that she learns this year. I know it will be full of fun and adventure. 
I thought it would be fun to take a look back.
 We were beyond blessed that for almost 3 years while mommy and daddy worked, Emma was cared for by my sister in-law, her aunt and godmother Christine. She spent every day with her cousins learning and playing. They all have such a special relationship because of her early years. Of course I had the summers and holidays off so there was plenty of time for fun and learning with mommy too.
Here's my little artist at 2 years old! She still loves to color and draw.
 When Aunt Christine had baby #4, Emma started school at Ridge Christian Academy. She was almost 3. It was a bit hard to adjust but we loved the school and her teachers. I still say that is the cleanest and friendliest place around.
 The following school year, Emma went to Pre-K 3 two days a week with her cousins at Holy Redeemer. We all loved her teacher Mrs. Vega. She was cared for by her Aunt Brooke on the days she wasn't in school.
 I couldn't find the pics from her first day of VPK. They must be stuck on my old laptop still. At four years old, she was pretty excited to be at the big kid school every day and was picked up at lunchtime by her great grandma, Mamaw Jennie. They had the best time every afternoon!

Kindergarten brought all kinds of new experiences for all of us. I was amazed at all that she learned and the amount of academic growth from the beginning to the end.
 In First grade she was a super student. Her report cards were outstanding, she was a leader in her classroom, and loved her teachers and her class.

Now, we embark on a new journey. Second grade is sure to be full of new experiences and tons of fun! Her adult teeth are growing in, her features are that of a big kid and I just bought her a size 2.5 shoe! Not to mention her clothes...she is outgrowing everything. My goodness this girl is growing!
I look forward to all that is to come this school year. She is going to be in dance and gymnastics, religious ed, making her first holy communion, and turning 8 years old.
Tomorrow we'll take a look back at my kindergartener Max and I'll share some first day pics too! (If I'm not too exhausted from my first day back with first graders!)

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  1. So cute! My Emma will be starting preschool soon, and I'm terrified that I'll blink and she'll be a second grader!