Sunday, August 26, 2012

almost five

Yesterday we headed to the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney to celebrate Max's 5th birthday with lunch and a visit to the Lego store. His actual birthday is on Tuesday.We are planning on having a family and friends all-star sports party in a couple of weeks and I'll make some cupcakes to take to his class on Tuesday. It's a pretty hectic time because of the start of school and our new niece/cousin will be born this Wednesday(we can hardly wait to meet her). There is also a hurricane brewing and lots of storm warnings today, so hopefully we're not hunkering down on his actual birthday.
 I still can't believe my boy will be five years old!!
 See Mom...I'm five fingers old!!
 We had a nice(way overpriced) lunch and then headed to the Lego store so he could pick out his gift.
 It took him awhile but he finally chose a Superhero Lego set. He couldn't wait to go home and build it. He had it finished in about 15 minutes without any help from Damian and I. He's taken it apart and built many new creations. I'd say it's a hit, he's said thank you many times!!! After the Lego store, we went to Menchies for some froyo dessert--Yummy!!

It was a fun day celebrating my favorite little guy! Today has been pretty low key, church, a trip to Target, and relaxing before the start of another school week. We made a big pot of white chicken chili that's simmering on the stove now. It will be perfect for this rainy day. 

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