Monday, August 20, 2012

ready for kindergarten

Well, I held it together and didn't shed a tear today. It was hard watching my baby boy walk the halls of our school(and watching my girl head to the new building for 2nd and 3rd graders). He is still four years old...just a baby. He will be five next Tuesday but he's still so little. He was so ready for school though! I told his teachers to take good care of my baby! I know he is in excellent hands, he has the same teachers Emma had...we are so blessed!

 Here's a look back at my sweet boy...

Max first went to "school" when he was 2 1/2. His teacher was Ms. Kayla and he had about five other kids in his class for a few months. Then he was home with Mommy and Emma for the summer. He stayed with Aunt Brooke and his cousins before he started at Little Friends Schoolhouse.

He went to Little Friends for Pre-k 3 too. There were 10 boys and 2 girls in his class. His poor teacher, Ms. Lynda had a busy year. I'm pretty sure she's still worn out from that group. He first met his buddies Brody, Jacob, and Ethan in that class. He still talks about all of his friends and misses them.
 Last year, he loved Prek 4/VPK at Little Friends. His teachers were Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Danielle. He learned many new things and loved playing with his best buds. 
 Here we are today on the first day of kindergarten!
He was cracking me up when I went to wake him this morning. He said "are you kidding me mommy, I feel like I just fell asleep!" I loved seeing his sweet face at school in the cafeteria and walking in the halls. It made my day! Damian and I really enjoyed hearing his recap of his day. According to him,  he learned about raccoons. (Listened to and did activities with The Kissing Hand) and made new friends. Like the boy in the white shirt and the girl in the red shirt. These were their names. I told him we need to work on learning our new friend's names this week! They are doing a staggered start so tomorrow he is spending the day with my grandma. He's pretty bummed he isn't going to school, but it gives the kindergarten teachers a chance to teach rules/procedures with half the class. Emma asked him if he was excited he didn't have to wear his uniform and he could play legos all day. He said he's rather go to school and he likes wearing his uniform. (Let's hope this is the case all year!)

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