Sunday, February 26, 2012

Max's 1st T-ball game

Max was beyond thrilled about his first t-ball game yesterday. The opening ceremonies were at 9 in the morning and his game was at 10. We were a little bummed that their uniform shirts weren't here in time and we got his hat after the game...hopefully they'll be here before his next game on Tuesday. He had a big cheering section with Uncle Matt, Aunt Holly, Matthew, Ambria, Aunt Liz, Aunt Pam, Baba, Grandpop, Gram, Aunt Brooke, Allie, Noah, and Lucas and of course Emma and I! Damian is one of the coaches for his team!

All of the boys and the one little girl on his team did a fantastic job! They listened, were paying attention, hit the ball so well, and ran their little hearts out! I just loved watching them having so much fun!
I love the above left picture of Damian giving Max a "five" after he hit his first ball and ran to first base! He looks like such a big boy in these pics! I might have a tear in my eye right now!

Seriously, I loved watching him run after the ball and run the bases! I definitely love watching my little guy play baseball so much more than soccer!! Soccer was just a bit too unorganized at the Y and a little chaotic and boring! Looks like this will be his sport!!!

I love that his buddies Brody and Jacob are on his team. They were so cute giving each other pep talks and high fives! He also knew a few other kids that go to his school...they were on the team he played against.

They will be on the Zephyrhills Royals team and are excited to get their uniform shirts!

Of course we went to celebrate with lunch at Red Robin...Yumm! See that picture of Max on the right. He's eating an onion ring! That's right my son, the pickiest eater ever loves onion rings and ate 2 big ones, onion and all!

After lunch we did a little shopping at Wiregrass and then headed home. My mom gave me some pointers on my sewing machine. I still want to take a class but I think I can at least figure out the basics now. Then, we had a nice, relaxing night at home! The kids got to play their little hearts out and we had family movie night watching Scooby Doo 2!

Today was church--how is it already the first Sunday of Lent?!!--, lunch at a yummy local barbeque place with my in-laws, grocery shopping for me,(naps for everyone else) and some blog and laundry catch up. I love the weekends...just wish they lasted longer!

I am looking forward to this week...we are celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday with our first graders all week long! I have some fun activities, crafts, and snacks planned!!

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