Saturday, March 3, 2012

our Saturday mornings

Our Saturday mornings (and a couple of weeknights) for the next few months will be spent at the ball fields.

And this little...I mean Big...boy couldn't be more excited!

He had a ball(ha ha) this morning!

We haven't been up to anything, work, and our usual busyness, long commutes, shuttling kids all around town, etc.! We celebrated Dr. Seuss all week in my classroom so that was a nice change of routine and I actually had one day where every single student earned a happy face--that's a first for this year!!!

I was saddened to hear of the tornadoes in Southern Indiana yesterday. I grew up in Scottsburg which is about 15 minutes away from Henryville and Maryville where the town was leveled. Thankfully, my family and friends who live there are all safe and sound. My cousin's mother in-law was working in the post office in Maryville when the tornado came and blew the roof scary! I just cannot believe such destruction happened in a town I am so familiar certainly makes me hug my family a little tighter! Tomorrow we are getting together with everyone for my niece Allie's 4th birthday and Rachel's 5th birthday celebration. It will be extra special because my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Thomas and Uncle Johnny and Aunt Sharon Lea are here from Indiana. We haven't seen them since my Grandma Goldie's funeral in will be so nice to visit with all of them!
We are counting down for our weekend away at the beach with our friends Cathy and Jon--only 6 more days to go! Bring on the sun, sand, and fruity drinks!! Spring Break is only 10 school days away! I'm looking forward to being home with the kids and just relaxing, spending time with cousins and friends, and maybe a day or two at Disney!

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